Water Damage Photo Gallery

The Water You Can't See

After having a water damage in your home sometimes the water is not always visible. Porous materials such as drywall, particle board, carpet, etc absorb the water quickly and it can become unseen by the human eye. 

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor technicians use high quality technology to detect this water and get your specific water emergency taken care of the right way!

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor is With You Until the End!

When a water damage strikes your home, know that you have a lasting friend in SERVPRO!

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor will respond promptly and will work with you through this difficult time until your home is brought back to its original state. A water damage has all sorts of steps to it and the process can be difficult if you do not call upon your local SERVPRO. 

Call SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor today to find out how to proceed with your water damage.

"We are always here to help"



Let SERVPRO Protect Your Home!

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor will protect a customer's home or business from the start of the job to the end.

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor staff understand that having a loss happen in your home can be a very difficult time to get through. We are here for you during those times. Our staff will make sure that throughout the entire job process that you are well informed of everything that is going on onsite and that the unaffected areas and contents of your home will stay safe.

Our staff take special care in the initial mitigation services, the manipulation of contents, the demolition, and the clean up afterwards. Trust SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor for all of your restoration needs.

Call our office today to find out more information about what SERVPRO can do for you at (530)899-9141

You're in Good Hands, Butte County!

When a homeowner or a business owner in Butte County has their home or building suffer a water damage, it can be tragic. SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor is here to make the blow lighter and to clean up the pieces. Our job is to give you peace of mind during a difficult time for your home or business. 

It is our primary goal to bring your property back up to its former state in a minimum amount of time. Trust SERVPRO for all of your water, fire, mold, and trauma needs!

License #: 1013416

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor Makes Another Happy Customer

"Their services are like no other!"

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor responded to this large water loss after Bill and Maryland's home was affected by a burst pipe over their Master Bathroom. They were so thrilled with the way that our technicians completed the mitigation services that they also called upon us to complete the repairs as well. 

Their home started out being good but when SERVPRO was finished, their home was beautiful. 

Trust your local, professional, SERVPRO to get the job done right!

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor Pack-out

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor wants to make sure that during the restoration services, your contents are protected. Our skilled staff makes sure that your treasured possessions are safe while we put your home back together. 

Our staff is skilled at pack-outs of both large and small contents. We will make sure that even your most fragile possessions are kept safe and will be stored in a way that they can still be manipulated without the large chance of them breaking. 

Trust SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor with every step in the restoration process. 

License #: 1013416

Helping miss Fay

Miss Fay was a hoot to work for, as well as one of the sweetest customers we've ever had the pleasure of helping. She appreciated how quickly our crew was able to carefully pack up her hundreds of pieces of glassware, and place everything back into its designatd place when the work was finished. We love putting the pieces back together to make it "Like it never even happened."

Tight Spaces!

At SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor, our staff is fully trained in being inside of a tight space and having to proceed with restoration work. This includes crawlspaces, attics, closets, and any other tight spaces.

This photo was taken from a crawlspace of a Butte County home that had just suffered a water disaster. SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor is fast to respond and will always put the customer's needs first.

Our technicians are always responsible and enthusiastic about getting the job right the first time and making it "like it never even happened". 

Emergency Water Damage

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor got the opportunity to help out a fellow community member, friend, and local business owner. After their business suffered a toilet overflow, our technicians were quick to respond without hesitation.

Immediately our staff began extracting the water to prevent the water from migrating any further. Our staff also helped with the manipulation of their large inventory and got the affected area drying in no time at all!

Two Water Damages in Lake Almanor Home

Although having one water damage is tough, having two in the same house is said to be even more difficult…

Not with SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor on your side!

This customer has had two water damages in his home and by the time the second loss happened, he didn’t hesitate to call SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor to assist him again.

Moisture Hiding in Your Butte County Home

Although this bathroom floor may not appear to be wet it doesn't mean that there is not moisture trapped below. 

SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor encourages customers that suspect their homes to have had a water damage to get it inspected for excess moisture that might otherwise have been missed. This prevents secondary damages from affecting your home such as water migration, content endangerment, and mold.

There is no such thing as being too careful! Give SERVPRO a call today to get your home inspected to prevent more problems later!

Office Phone: (530)899-9141

Fridge Leak in Chico

An emergency call was made to SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor by a Chico resident. Her fridge had recently begun leaking and she didn't know where to start with the restoration process. Our staff was there to help.

We clearly explained the job process to the customer to make sure she understood everything that needed to be completed. SERVPRO also help her with getting a plumber onsite immediately to stop the leak while our staff worked on making the water stop from spreading. 

The customer was thrilled with everything we were able to do for her and she couldn't believe how fast we were to respond.