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Why is There Mold in My Bathroom?

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO offers mold remediation rather than removal: it is impossible to rid a home of mold spores entirely.

Trust SERVPRO to Remediate the Mold Damage.

Why is there mold in my bathroom?

This is a question most homeowners in Butte County, Plumas County and surrounding areas are having to ask themselves any time of year. One of the largest enemies homeowners of all kinds are facing is mold. 

Mold spores are naturally occurring almost everywhere on Earth, but given the right conditions for growth, can multiply exponentially and cause major problems for your home. Some types of mold may even cause health effects. 

So why would your bathroom support this mold growth? Here are some conditions and causes for mold infestation in your home.

Damp or Wet Fabric and Wood 
Mold Damage in Butte County typically needs two things to get pressing: wet conditions and an organic food source. Both of these are often found in homes, where outside water can seep in, or a leak can cause wooden floors, walls, and structural elements to soak up water. Additionally, fabrics such as carpets, drapes, and shower curtains are also commonly affected.

SERVPRO takes the important step in halting any mold colony's growth and preventing future ones from forming. This step is known as dehumidification. Dehumidification is taking almost all of the moisture out of materials and air by reducing the relative humidity.

Dark, Warm Areas 
Some types of mold can only grow in dark areas, and preferably in warm places. Unfortunately, residences also commonly provide this environment, and many mold colonies end up growing behind walls or in attics and basements.

These are some of the first places that SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor staff will check for moisture and mold when responding to your home. Mold growth in the bathroom is one of the most common and typical areas due to the dark corners and special areas that support mold.

Spoiled and Forgotten Food 
Spoiled food almost always grows mold at some point; most people know that. However, if not disposed of, this food can be a catalyst for future growth elsewhere in the home. Once matured, mold colonies release large amounts of spores which travel across a home through the air, and these may take up residence in another room or the ducts.

This is one reason why SERVPRO offers mold remediation rather than removal: it is impossible to rid a home of mold spores entirely, due to there being so many and their tiny size. Once again, they are naturally occurring, and so will be found in your home regardless. 

We are the experts in mold remediation and cleanup SERVPRO of Chico/Lake Almanor is a tried and true solution to any mold problem, large or small. With proper accreditation, certification, and training for all of our crew members, we feel confident we can tackle your residential mold problem. Call us today for emergency services!


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